A great trick for finding an eCommerce business to buy

Time to get serious about buying an eCommerce business.

Now you’ve written down your investment thesis also known as “What eCommerce business you want to buy”, time to start finding it.

Most people look on one of the market places that sell them when they have some free time, let life get in the way and don’t end up buying one.

Consistency is the key here. It usually takes me two months to find and get to an offer stage.

I found the best approach was to make a habit of looking once a week for a store that matches your investment thesis. I used to do it every Tuesday. You have Monday out of the way and can focus on this project.

Create a spreadsheet of potential businesses and start contacting them. The first thing you want is a summary P&L.

I only got responses from 1 in 5 stores, as some list without conviction to sell, and I suspect the messages from the marketplace got stuck in spam folders.