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Youtube – How successful eCommerce brands handle inventory

Stock control is one of the hardest things to get right in eCommerce. It’s often not talked about. 

If you want to see how really successful brands manage it, the team at People Vox (warehouse management tool) run a really good Youtube channel.

Learn how to pack orders efficiently and watch interviews with successful eCommerce owners.

It’s a hidden gem on the Internet.

Learn how Showpo nailed their inventory KPIs  

If you’re changing eCommerce platforms you need an SEO migration

What's an SEO Migration?

It keeps the free traffic you get from Google (technical term is SEO or Organic traffic).

If you move eCommerce platforms i.e. Shopify to WooCommerce all the page addresses change (www.yourwebsite.com.au/shop/productname)

What happens if you move home and don’t redirect your post? You miss important bills or letters.

It’s the same when you move website platform.

You have to implement something called an SEO Migration.

It’s a big subject which has been covered well by many others so here are some links to explain what you need to know.