Making Delivery Free Increases Conversion Rate*

*Most the time

At the risk of making a blanket statement, we’ve run multiple experiments on stores changing delivery cost. The lower the higher the conversion rate.

If you have a product no ones wants, it won’t help though!

However, if you’re making sales the cheaper the delivery the better your sales.

Obviously this comes with a trade-off. It increases your expenses, reducing your gross profit and ultimately reduces your cash in the bank. Bad.

The best solution we’ve found is adding the delivery cost to your product.

Charging for delivery is like charging for glass when you order a beer in a pub. No one wants to pay it.

If you are selling someone else’s product, and you’re competing on price this can be tough.

Other eCommerce businesses get around this by creating a membership and giving free delivery to members (Think Amazon Prime).

Tricky todo for small eCommerce businesses, but if you want better conversion rates you have to find a way of doing delivery better than your competitors.

If you’ve seen other ways to get around delivery costs, share them below with us and everyone else reading this.

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