How To Advertise Your Ecommerce Business In Australia

In Australia, we hear from our friends in the UK and the US about how they advertise their eCommerce businesses all the time.

But Australia is unique and requires a different approach.

Learn what works in Australia from the team at Boom Ecommerce.

Should you be running ad on Google, posting on Instagram or sending emails?

Watch and find out.

What’s in the video?


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You run an e-commerce store that sells in Australia or you’re in the process of setting one up. But you want to know where exactly to advertise. Should you be running Google Ads? Should you be doing email marketing? Should you be posting on Instagram? Keep watching this video and you can find out exactly what you need to do.

How should I advertise my eCommerce business in Australia?

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When it comes to advertising an e-commerce store in Australia, you’ve really got six main ways of doing it. 

There are lots of other little ways to do it, but if you’re just starting out and you’re wanting to grow, these are the best ones to focus on. 

The trick is finding the right combination of them, it’s not the same for every eCommerce store.

No.1. Google Ads

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Number one is Google Ads. Google Ads are shown when  you search for something. You’ll see up to four adverts appear at the top, they’re not particularly obvious. 

There’s only a little ad sign next to them, but they change often. Here’s a screenshot  of what some of those adverts look like for “pet food”. 

In this case, you’ve got Google shopping ads that  shows up on the right handside as well.

No. 2 & 3 Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Other ways of advertising your eCommerce store in Australia is Facebook and Instagram.

I say the two because they’re both controlled by the same advertising program. 

You all know what Facebook and Instagram is, unless we’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years. 

The adverts actually appear in lots of different places on Facebook and Instagram, but they aren’t always obvious.

There’s a couple of examples here that show up in the Facebook feed, or in your Instagram feed, or within stories. 

Do Facebook and Instagram Ads work for Ecommerce?

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Facebook and Instagram ads work incredibly well. Lots of people think that they don’t actually click on them, but they really do.

It’s how Facebook is making all its money. 

The brilliant thing about Facebook and Instagram advertising is that if people aren’t searching for what you’re selling you can still target them.

We’ll look at an example.

Let’s say we’re selling dog treadmills. Trusts me, there’s very few people searching for dog treadmills in Australia.

However, what you can do with Facebook and Instagram is target people that are interested in dogs or any dog related products.

Your advert then shows up. So they then see a dog treadmill, think, oh, actually, that’s quite a good idea that saves me from actually going outside and having to walk my dog in the winter, for example.

I really hope that’s not the case over in Australia, but I just use that to illustrate.

No.4 Email Marketing

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The fourth way to advertise your e-commerce business in Australia is email marketing.

Email marketing, what is it? It’s not just spam. It’s basically when you use a bit of software to email everybody that you’ve got the email addresses for.

For example, people that have bought from you.

So everybody that has bought a dog collar from you, you can email out and say, you bought a blue dog colour, there’s now red dog collars.

Does Email Marketing work for eCommerce?

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It amazes me every single time. The only challenge with doing something like email marketing is that you have to build up quite a list of emails. 

If you’ve got 10 or 50 emails, it’s probably not going to work that well because you might get an open rate of about 20% of people that you send the email too. 

If you send a hundred emails, you’ll get 20 people that open it. You might get 5% of those click through to your site. 

You need to build up your list. It’s very good for repeat customers. Honestly try it. 

Lots of people think that email marketing is spam and it’s unrelated. I guarantee you, if you do email marketing and you have a product that people buy repeatidly, let’s say, for example, dog food, you’re going to need to keep buying dog food each month.

Email marketing works so well because you might attract a customer with Google Ads, Facebook ads, or Instagram ads. They buy from you. You collect their email address. You can then email them and say, hey, it’s been a month since you’ve bought that dog food from us. Probably time to get some more food for Rover or whatever your dog’s called. Again works really well. It always amazes me. 

No. 5 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The fifth way of advertising your e-commerce business is through SEO kind of content marketing. 

The two are very similar. SEO and content marketing, in your research of how to promote your e-commerce business, I’m sure you’ve seen the term SEO come up loads. It essentially means search engine optimisation, and it’s basically making your website rank highly in Google. 

Does SEO work for eCommerce?

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It does work very, very well, but it’s quite difficult, and it can be quite technical and quite time consuming. 

However the return that you get is amazing because you’re not paying every time somebody clicks. You’re just investing time in making content and optimising your site. 

It does take quite a long time to get results though. So you have to be super patient when doing it. 

I say SEO and content marketing because essentially the two are joined together. Because if you have really, really good content, you tend to do quite well within SEO as long as you sort out some of the technical things. 

Can’t really go into it in detail here, because we don’t have time, but it’s well worth researching

The biggest mistake most people make when they’re starting out online or they’re trying to scale is that they focus on SEO. They do this because they think that’s really the only way to do it.

It’s attractive, because essentially it’s free. You’re not paying every time somebody clicks. 

However, if you want to find out what works, it’s better to start with something like Google Ads. 

SEO and content marketing comes in really well when you work out what works. 

Let’s say we’ve discovered that the keyword in Google Ads “blue dog collars” sells really, really well. We want to start ranking in Google for the term blue dog collars. 

You then have to focus on producing content that gives people the best information about that particular sort of subject. 

No. 6 Affiliate Marketing

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The final way of advertising your eCommerce business is affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing. What is that? 

Affiliate marketing is basically like having online commission-only sales people. 

They write about a product in some way, shape or form. 

People click through from their website to your website, and if they purchase, you give them a percentage of the sale. 

It works really, really well, but it’s certainly not for everybody. 

Affiliate marketing is often one of the things that I’ll try later on when I’m setting up an eCommerce store. 

It works very well though in competitive markets. So if there’s lots of choice. I can’t really think of a good example within dogs, the dog sort of like industry that’s incredibly competitive, although I’m sure there are some, and you can probably tell me from watching this video, but I’m at the moment on buying a new laptop.

I’m looking for a PC laptop, and it’s quite confusing because there’s so many different varieties that you can get, all the different specifications. So I need a 15 inch laptop that’s light, so I look for best 15 inch laptop light. And then all of a sudden you start getting the reviews coming up. And as soon as somebody clicks through you then buy it. That’s why it works well, because somebody’s guiding you when something’s very competitive. So if you’re not in a very competitive market, potentially not great for you. I’m not saying don’t try it, but just know that the option is there.

What’s the difference between advertising your eCommerce business in Australia, UK or the USA?

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There is a difference when it comes to running an e-commerce business in Australia compared to the US or the UK. 

I moved from the UK to Australia in 2011. Since then, I’ve seen massive differences between the two. 

There’s also big differences compared to the US and I appreciate there’s lots of video and coverage that explains the way that you can advertise your eCommerce business. 

I’m sure this isn’t the first video or article you’ve read to get some information on the subject. 

I’ll give you a couple of examples of how it is different in how we need to approach things slightly differently. 

For example, in the US about 88% of people use Google to search for any given product. This basically means that there’s actually a bit of market share that goes away to other search engines. Bing is Microsoft’s version. They’ve got 6.5% of the market share in the US.

6.5% of the U S population is quite large. If we come home and we look at Australia, about 95% of people use Google to search. Therefore, it’s a much more dominant market. Also, Bing only has about 3% of the market share, and 3% of the Australian population, which is roughly about 26 million, isn’t that many people. Therefore, we have to take a slightly different approach to how we advertise our e-commerce businesses here in Australia. 

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